Fully Charged Dad's in Business

Do you feel torn between your kids needs and your business’s needs?
When was the last time being in your business didn’t feel wrong because you weren’t being the best possible dad?
Do you have daily self-doubts?
Do you have an inner dialogue using words you would NEVER use to your kids or friends????
How often do you sit there having nobody who Gets It? A fellow Dad that you can call?
Here and now is where that can ALL start to change. Not because I have magic dust to sprinkle everywhere, I DO have decades of life experience, some terrible, plenty of amazing, and a 7-year-old son who I have Had to up my game for, massively.
Get clear on what you are doing right, get a handle on what you are not doing right, stop thinking you can do it all without support and guidance. No one does, no one ever has, they just rarely admit it.
Some troubling thoughts that worked on me; what got you here will not take you further, you simply don’t know what you don’t know, if it’s a blind spot, which we all have, you are not the one to spot it, or fix it.

Lets Connect

Here is an invitation to my Dads in Business private Facebook group, its free.
Here is an invitation to work with me on your business and you as a Dad.
If you want a chat, without a pitch or cost you can have one, book in here.
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